On Being a Healing Presence

I receive newsletters from Unity every so often, and today I received a letter reminding me of the upcoming 25th anniversary of World Day of Prayer.

I have always appreciated the altitude of thinking of the Unity faith, built on the teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Unity presents a much more forward-thinking, progressive stance on Christianity, placing a lot of focus on the healing power of prayer.

This years theme for World Day of Prayer is; Being a Healing Presence.

As I read through the included material, I took several moments to let that idea soak in.

What exactly is being a healing presence? 

I can admit that it’s not something I succeed in making a reality for myself all of the time. The days where I have not decided to align myself with the Light of Christ and Holy Spirit, are the days I find myself in the greatest difficulty.

Those are the times I am in real need of being a healing presence. 

For if I choose to be a healing presence, then I have decided to accept the healing power of our Father’s love into my life. I have decided to accept His Will, rather than trying to force my own.

And with this decision comes the capacity to share what I have received, and thus make more of it. 

Now there is one of the most blessed dichotomies of Divinity I have ever learned.

In the Kingdom, to make more of something, you must give it away.

How perfect.

I, therefore, decide now to accept the Love of our Father, so that I may be the healing presence He created me as.





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